Custom-made furniture is a great embodiment of your ideas.

We do not offer you just furniture ... we offer comfort and a bit of happiness in the house.

Particleboard, fiberboard, MDF, HDF.

Furniture facades: plastic coated with ABS trim, PVC edge, milled, painted, veneered, film (PVC).

Worktops and window sills: made on the basis of MDF and particleboard, lined with wear-resistant, environmentally friendly plastics from leading manufacturers.

Furniture panels, work walls (own production) and much more.

Assembling furniture from chipboard is one of the most affordable options for making furniture without a special tool. The easiest way to make the furniture you need is to order a chipboard cut of parts of the shape and size you need from us, and then assemble it at home.

Cutting of plate materials (chipboard, fiberboard, countertops, etc.) At the center with CNC control.

Production of furniture components.

cutting, edging with joining and round, gluing PVC, ABS edges on PUR glue.

Drilling holes for hinges on a boring machine.

Painting of furniture parts.
Exhibition Plywood.

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